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The Pro-Nox aesthetic system provides fast relief to your patients. A 50 /50 mix of Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide has been used around the world in labor and delivery for decades.  Now, many aesthetic practices and clinics are incorporating Pro-Nox to help ease their patient's pain and anxiety.   The 50% N2O and 50% O2 is an effective analgesic that provides quick pain relief and recovery, all while giving the patient a sense of control.

The system has been designed to address all the needs of your office staff AND patients.  Super simple and easy to use, there is no need to read cumbersome regulations or understand PSI conversion charts to guess when you need to change tanks.  When you work with Pro-Nox, you have audible and visual alarms that warn you when either gas is running low. You will also benefit from superior infection control with our internal on demand valve. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

Pro-Nox is a mixture of 50% Oxygen and 50% Nitrous Oxide.

How does it work?

The equipment handles the mixing to ensure a perfect 50/50 blend is delivered with each breath.  You hold your own mouthpiece and inhale as you start to feel discomfort.  Keep the mouthpiece up to your face during your procedure to use as you need it.  Breathing in and out will help to alleviate any discomfort or anxiety you may have. 

Do I have to breathe it during the entire procedure?

No, you can just take breaths from the system as you need it for discomfort and anxiety relief. 

Is there anything special I need to do to prepare to use Pro-Nox?

No, there is nothing you need to do prior to using Pro-Nox.  

Can I drive myself home afterwards? 

Absolutely!  The effect will wear off completely in minutes. Please contact the office if you have more questions about Pro-Nox.  We are happy to assist you. 

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